• Lancero PCIe SGDMA

    Supports latest boards such as NVidia Tegra Jetson TX1
    and Altera Cyclone V GT and Arria 10 FPGA boards.

    Complete with Linux driver for Ubuntu for Tegra.

  • Lancero PCIe SGDMA

    Stream high-speed data between your FPGA and CPU with minimum effort and overhead.

    Complete with Linux, Windows and QNX drivers.

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Latest News

  • NVidia Tegra TX1 supported NVidia Tegra TX1 supported
    Lancero SGDMA also supports the NVidia Jetson Tegra TX1 development kit and TX1 module. Together with a Cyclone V GT Gen2 x4 this offers tremendous possibilities to combine high-speed data acquisition and heterogenous architecture with FPGA, CPU, GPGPU (CUDA) technologies. Lancero SGDMA IP supports the Gen2 x4 and x1 PCI Express interfaces of Tegra and comes with a Linux SGDMA driver for the Ubuntu for Tegra releases 23.2 and 24.1. Lancero can assist in design services around FPGA, CPU, GPGPU...
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  • Arria 10 support
    Lancero now supports Arria 10 devices up to Gen2x8 and Gen3x4, we are currently working on Gen3x8 support. In addition, the latest Altera Quartus Prime and Qsys design tools are supported. Recent customer designs we helped realize run on Cyclone V GX and GT for camera video acquisition, Arria V SoC for a medical scanner health-care device and Arria 10 for a geographical imaging application....
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