• Lancero PCIe SGDMA

    Supports latest boards such as NVidia Tegra Jetson TX1
    and Altera Cyclone V GT and Arria 10 FPGA boards.

    Complete with Linux driver for Ubuntu for Tegra.

  • Lancero PCIe SGDMA

    Stream high-speed data between your FPGA and CPU with minimum effort and overhead.

    Complete with Linux, Windows and QNX drivers.

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Latest News

  • Lancero technology powers Amazon F1 FPGA cloud instances
    Amazon’s Elastic Cloud F1 FPGA is powered by Lancero SGDMA PCIe IP and Linux device driver technology to provide high-efficiency, high-bandwidth and low-latency data transfers between the CPU and FPGA of each F1 instance. Lancero SGDMA PCIe IP is also available for your Intel Altera FPGA PCIe projects....
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  • NVidia Tegra TX1 supported NVidia Tegra TX1 supported
    Lancero SGDMA also supports the NVidia Jetson Tegra TX1 development kit and TX1 module. Together with a Cyclone V GT Gen2 x4 this offers tremendous possibilities to combine high-speed data acquisition and heterogenous architecture with FPGA, CPU, GPGPU (CUDA) technologies. Lancero SGDMA IP supports the Gen2 x4 and x1 PCI Express interfaces of Tegra and comes with a Linux SGDMA driver for the Ubuntu for Tegra releases 23.2 and 24.1. Lancero can assist in design services around FPGA, CPU, GPGPU...
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